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Lext talk

Muito bom! Ótimo pra aprender inglês.

Okie Dokie

Hi, for anyone looking for a language exchange app this is definitely a place where you can find people to talk to, I found a couple of good language partners and have already learned a lot. However, if you're set on speaking and talking and learning with on the language/languages you came for, know that your profile is visible to everyone and it's likely that people not even interested in what you're there to learn will message you. ALSO, for all minors + anyone who may get uncomfortable, even though this is not a dating app people will message and flirt with you, that's just how life works no one ever follows the rules on these apps haha, but why I'm concerned is please stay cautious of people much older than you trying to flirt, stay safe!

Started off great but now there are some glitches.

This app was great and can still be great. The translation feature stopped work a few weeks ago (Though to be honest it was not that great, Google is better and Google is only 85% accurate). Now before I type every message it says "Problem with the translation service. Try again later." My guess is that the developers want you to rate the app and added the "Problem with the translation service. Try again later" and stopped the free translations until I rated the app so LMK if anyone else experienced the same thing. I will update my rating if the problems go away after posting this review.

Not social

Only people looking to date. Not a busy social atmosphere. Low activity. Individuals aren't interested in learning.

Good concept but very poor functionality

This app is very basic. The concept is great however, in that it lets you find people who are learning a language on a map. In the 5 months I've had it, it has been updated just once, and that was to include an option to send pictures. The interface pretty colourful and basic. The chat rooms are not monitored so there are spam and random conversations. I really like the idea of the map that shows where the users are but this app itself is not good. After three months since Iast used it, when I message a person, it says there is an error. This error doesn't happen for every chat conversation I have.

Great concept, terrible user interface.

Sorry have to delete it

Doesn't even show the correct flags

Why on earth would it show a North Korean flag instead of a South Korean one. And for French, it's showing a Canadian flag?!?! Come on developers. You can do better than that! And I don't appreciate the accuracy of the location system. This is just a stalker's nightmare waiting to happen.

Rated it 4 stars because don't know much about it yet

Pretty good. Doesn't cost anything, no glitches yet. The people are nice and you get active people. I would highly recommend it!



Use a different app

This app is difficult to use and it does not compare to it's competitors.

Disgusting 👎

Actually this is not for Good. No many language is here 😂


met friends here

Great App best for having conversations with native speakers

I actually really like this app I understand that sometimes people are busy and I may take them a little time to get back to you but I've met a few people on this app from Madrid Mexico and Puerto Rico who I Skype with and I'm helping them with their English and they help me with Spanish so I think this is a great app to use when you're trying to learn another language. Should this be the only app you use no but this is one of the great apps in my collection

Bad app

This app is really poor. It has potential but it doesn't Have a feature to allow people to find current conversations. I spent over 30 mins looking through the forums and a lot of the latest texts were over 4 hours old. No one writes back. This could be fixed by sorting the conversations by how long ago the last addition was made. Until you make finding current conversations easy, this app is not functional.

The best

One of the best ever to learn a language.

Nothing happened

I messaged about a dozen people online and I didn't receive a single response.

Great concept

The app really needs updated... It's buggy and lacks features that would intrigue people to want to come back .. However there is a great concept for others to teach other...

Great App!

It is easy to use, easy to find people to talk with, and all around a great addition to your (free!) online language learning collection. No 5th star simply because of the lag, but all in all a great app!

When the ad pops up, don't hit the X

It tried to purchase ad removal when I hit the x on the ad that popped up. I just turned off my wifi quickly so it failed, but seriously? Maybe this is a common thing with apps (I basically just have a few language learning apps and adobe suite) but it's still reason enough for me to uninstall if it tries to trick me into paying for things

Good resource

I always appreciate resources like this and LiveMocha which help to connect you with other language learners. The app is pretty laggy at this point and I hope it improves with future updates.

Grat practice!

Almost gave 4 stars, but the positives outweigh the negatives. Love being able to communicate with people from around the world! Great for practice in grammar if you want it to be. It also has a translator you can use at any time. You make your experience; if you actually use it to practice, you can get a lot out of it. If you encounter a creeper, you can block people. That's always a plus. In my experience, people on here use this as a genuine attempt to learn, and better their language of choice. I am excited for more people to hear about this app around the world! :)

Great practice app!

This is a pretty cool app to practice the language you are currently learning. The only bad thing is the app keeps crashing on my 5s :( can this be fixed please???

Amazingggg!! Increibleee!!! Ótimoooo!!!!

OMG! This app is amazing for people looking to practice a language they're learning with people all over the world and with people near them as well. Very easy to use and well thought out! I was actually going to develop an app like this myself, but now I don't have to!

Crash so much :/

Fix that!!


Generally the app is okay. It is really unstable, though, and the UI leaves much to be desired. Overall, not horrible but nothing to write home to mom about either.


I love this app! Are you able to add these additional languages in the next update upon my request when you get a chance? *Note: This request is for the languages that are not already listed on the app for you to choose from. They are: Akkadian Albanian Algerian Breton Bosnian Flemish (Vlaams) Georgian South Frisian (Saterfriisk) West Frisian (Frysk) East Frisian Egyptian Arabic Hawaiian Igbo Irish Gaelic Kabyle Kannada Laos Manx Mongolian Nepali Oriya Occitan Pashto Punjabi Romansh Swahili Tajik Tibetan Xhosa Zulu

Too many times Crush and Slow

I like to use this app, but crush too much almost everytime. When i tried to read conversation crush when send message crush.. It is too slow also.. Please improve app and make it faster..




So, I have the app. It works. And sometimes it doesn't. It often freezes. It closes and restarts often. It's kinda slow. But I still like it. Once they make it faster and more non-glitchy. It will be an awesome app.


However it crashes often And it doesn't give you the option to reset your password. So if you forgot it you're pretty much done with the app.

An amazing app

Now I can learn and practice the languages I want

What happened?

Was having a nice conversation and then got kicked and so I checked for updates and there was one I updated and I now cannot log on and it keeps saying error.

It was working... But not anymore

Worked great or the first 30 minutes. Now it won't even let me login.

Won't go past the location question

Please fix!!!


It's a wonderful app for exchanging cultures and languages! Easy to make foreign friends as well! Couple issues though, it sometimes crashes when I switch menus and sometimes I can't see my text when I'm in the middle of writing and switching back and forth another app. Please fix.

It's great! But...

I have another problem that's been happening recently, every time I want to get on it says "Network Connection Error"


But I want add-free version. I'm gonna pay money! Please! And Could you make it compatible with iPhone 5?

Awesome App

It's absolutely a useful app! It makes language exchange more convenient 'n hope the developer can better improve the app and it sure will become even more popular !


It is a great app!!! But the only thing they need to fix is the chat, it is not very fast....

Programming team, please read

I've used many language learning apps but this has been by far the best and the least tedious method of learning Spanish. Interacting with others comfortably allows me to practice what I already know and also learn common and useful expressions that are helpful in developing practical conversational abilities. The reason I stress how impressed I am with this app, and the reason I am writing a review/comment, something I've never been inspired to do prior, is because I wish to have my constructional criticism taken seriously. The following are suggestions of how you could possibly perfect this app in future updates. Meeting people to talk to is easy, but communicating over a period of time isn't. If there were a way to organize a friend's list with customized categories one could keep track of who is responsive and not have to see the messages you sent without getting a response. In group chats, I wish I could click an icon, similar to the translator, that would connect me to a one on one chat with somebody I've just met. On a similar note, I had trouble with the search tool, thus I give the vague suggestion of "more user friendly." Learning aids such as a phrase book might be a nice feature but isn't needed. If you add face to face talk I would pay up to ten dollars for this. If you make speaking directly (vocally) possible I would definitely pay five maybe up to ten. Let me know somehow if you found this helpful/ saw it at all so I know whether or not I've just wasted a decent amount of time or if this is something I might again do.


I would give it 5 stars but I'm not this need a block button, I had some guy just send me rude messages. Not using this app again


I've only been using it for a while, so I haven't seen any of the bugs everyone's mentioning; it's GREAT, and the translator is BRILLIANT.

Network Error: Could not process the request

I used to love this app, now the stupid network error notifications make it impossible to use! Its ridiculous! Fix and i'll give 4-5 stars

Awesome :)

Thanks for build this app really is a good tool for learn someone language thank you

Great people, the app itself is a little buggy

This app opens you up to a friendly, active community striving to learn language. I've already met allot of great people, however it could use some housecleaning. There are allot of bugs pertaining to the placement of things eg if you leave the app while writing a chat message and come back the chat window will be to low. A few times I've also encountered a "LextTalk server error" eg I have yet to be able to sign in my LextTalk account on my phone, every time I try that error comes up in a little bubble, I tap ok and then nothing happens. Some features that would that would be awesome: The ability to select more than one "active language" as I'm learning two languages, also if you know multiple languages I would hope you're staying active with all of them. Oh ya, that reminds me, a category for not native, but proficient might be nice. There's allot more that I will add in here as time goes on, but despite the bugs, this is a great portal for connecting with language lovers and I'll be using it at least until I find something better. Love and Light! Joe*

Noticed you guys just updated this...

There is a bug with text input. If you tap the small globe on your iPhone keyboard to change input languages, a white screen scrolls up, obstructing your view and making it impossible to see, edit, or even send your text. The only solution is to be to in the input mode you want, *before* you go to open up a keyboard in a chat window.

Wish it were more popular!

I'm always looking for fun ways to practice my German, so this seemed like such a cool way to connect to others. But there doesn't seem to be much activity going on, so it's hard to sustain a conversation if you only write one sentence per week or so. I'll hang around hoping this catches on, though! Chat with me in German!

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