Lext Talk - Language Exchange! App Reviews

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I like it

This app is good, but it doesnt have a voice call, it would be great if I could practice the conversation and listening.

Good idea, few tools.

The idea is great, but the app needs more tools, skills and better funcionalities.

Really good, but

toooo much bugs :/

Great app!

Love the idea and features of this. Please improve stability for a 5 star rating! :)

No cross-device sync!!!

The app doesnt sync between devices, hasnt been updated for iOS 8. Neither is it optimized for the bigger iPhone screens. If you log in on another device all chars are gone. Also, the app hasnt been updated in almost a year and seems to be dead...

Crashes all the time!

App crashes all the time when I try to answer somebody who not acted me! it is just unusable!

Good app for language exchanges

At first I wasnt too impressed with this app, but more recently they added a group option where many people can chat together and meet depending on the language of the group. Im finding this a good way to meet people and to practice various languages. Its still not perfect, but it looks like the developers are committed to making improvements . This app has never crashed on me, but I have a 4gs so I dont know how it works on older iPhones.

It doesnt work anymore

Anything I try to do on it gives me an error message now. I cant chat, I cant search, I cant update info.....

Great way to find a language exchange partner.

Ive been using the app for 6 months now. I love the improvements. More appealing interface and it hardly crashes. For new users its very simple and user friendly. Only one thing left: stop the message counter from adding read messages. Im at 108 messages, yet only one is unread. The counter should only show UNREAD messages.

Good app, but unstable

I really like this app and the setup and features are good, but it frequently becomes unstable and has network errors, which cause freezing

Too many crashes

Recently this app is crashing all of the time. It is impossible to use to reply to a question and to search for locations on the map. Too bad, because it used to be much more stable but as it is it is not worth using at all.


Its a nice application, but there are only few ppl there and I have to register the exact place where I am. Its too scared to show it to strangers. I wanna do a little bit more fuzzy.


I believe most of the profiles are fake! No one ever responds. Either that or the people on it arent looking for language exchange.


This program is good to practise but it still needs some uploads cuz sometimes it close alone and it makes me mad

Nice Idea, Buggy UI

This app is really good idea. Very helpful for language practice but its also very buggy and skips are so slowly. It really needs a complete update and refurbish UI


please update this app! i have a lot of crush and bug on the other hand this app amazing for meet foreign people

Dont play sound

When receiving a message dont play sound , just when i open the app i show message , please repair this problem

Usefull app

Its really good app, we can trust and its really useful. Only thing: if can save the languages we are using in the translator And delete the sentences at once there, then it would be really practical. Thanks !!

The worst app!

Good idea, but too many bugs. Its freezing my iPhone.... >_< After update it become little bit better, but not enough

Report a problem

My personal messages dont work anymore: the app shuts down as I try to open them:( fix the bug, please

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